In His Presence Family Connection March 27


Every afternoon, I will post something for you to share with your family in the evening.  It may be a talking point, a short video, a Scripture to read, etc.

Today’s Post…

Read James 1:4

Note: Some Bible translations use the word steadfastness, which is patience.

Talking Points:

  • Do you ever struggle with unanswered prayer?
  • Let family members share about something they have prayed repeatedly about.
  • Do you ever think, what’s the point?  I don’t believe God will ever answer this prayer?
  • Do you ever question God because what you’re asking for seems like such a good thing that God would want to do?

Read John 14:13-14

Anne Graham Lotz wrote a beautiful article in the April edition of Mature Living (published by Lifeway).  Although I’m not a senior, I always pick up a copy because the articles are so rich!  I plan on reading the article to my family tonight.  If you can get a hold of it, it would be a good read.

Here are some main points from the article…

  • Whatever you ask when it’s in My will is much different than I’ll do whatever you ask.
  • We often believe surely God wants to answer this good prayer I’m praying.  Since His Word is true, we know that if our request were in line with His will, He would answer favorable.
  • So, there must be another reason.
  • For Anne, after praying her husband would get well from a terrible infection that had hospitalized him, she felt God wanted to do something for her husband on the inside.  Something spiritual.  Not physical.
  • She began to pray differently, asking God to give Danny a fresh touch from heaven – a glimpse of the “Lord seated on the high and lofty throne.” (Isaiah 6:1-8)
  • It’s then that she began to see God’s Spirit at work.
  • I am not to demand and assert my will, but to ask Him what He wants.
  • Ask Him how to pray so that His will is done in my life and in the lives of my loved ones as it is done in heaven.
  • Praying in His will takes the struggle out of unanswered prayer.







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