Youtube In His Presence LIVE daily Bible Study

youtube In His Presence.jpg

I have some EXCITING NEWS!  Starting tomorrow, you can visit our In His Presence Youtube Channel at 6:30AM and watch a LIVE Morning Bible Study.  I’ll introduce the Scripture selection for the day (the same one I post here on the blog) and pray with you.  I’ll do the same M-F each week.  To be clear, the Scripture selections will still be posted daily on the blog as usual.  I’ll keep my videos brief so you can get right to your time In His Presence by reading the scripture selections, journaling, and praying.

The daily live videos will be saved, so you can watch later in the day, if you are spending  your time In His Presence later in the day.

Here’s the Youtube link.

Here on the blog, we are in a series of reading through the Gospels looking to learn more about Jesus’ personality.  We just finished Matthew on Friday and are about to begin Mark on Monday.  Even if you weren’t with us for Matthew and even if you miss a day here and there, don’t stop!  Each day’s Scripture reading can stand alone.  I try to divide the passages up that way.  So, just jump in whenever!  The Bible is alive and active, no matter which part you’re reading!

I’m looking forward to sitting with you on Monday.  Get your Bible, journal and, of course, your coffee and join me at 6:30AM every morning Monday through Friday.

Here’s a little theme music to get us motivated!  See you Monday!

Purchase John Waller’s awesome new song, Awakening, here on iTunes.


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