In His Presence March 8


Today’s Scripture:

Matthew 22:15-46

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One comment on “In His Presence March 8

  1. The Sadducees and Pharisees continued to test Jesus. But, look at the words used to describe their reactions each time He answered them. Marveled… astonished…silenced.

    Finally, He asked THEM a question. They believed Christ was David’s son, a mere man. But, Jesus quoted a Scripture from the Old Testament, which showed Christ was more than a man. They couldn’t answer Him and didn’t dare question Him any further from that day on.

    It’s interesting to note how well Jesus knew all Scripture. I think that, especially in today’s world, we need to have a good knowledge of the Scripture so we are able to respond when questioned. It seems like Christians are coming under this type of scrutiny more and more today, around the world.


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