In His Presence Encouragement and free Scripture card

During Monday night’s In His Presence Family Connection we heard Tim Tebow tell about the  lad who shared his bread and fish. Yesterday, our In His Presence morning Scripture contained that same story.  AND, Lifeway’s Journey Magazine devotional for yesterday was about this same story!

That was no accident.  Just as we heard Tim tell about the repeated number 3.16 during his game, God did this for us. Sometimes He puts things together to remind us He’s very present and involved in our lives.

I want to encourage you to keep going with your In His Presence morning times.  Don’t be discouraged if you’ve fallen behind.  Just read the Scripture for that day.  Each day’s reading is rich all by itself.  If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Jesus’ character, it’s that He is compassionate.  He understands.

Also, don’t forget about memorizing Scripture (2 per month).  My verse for this first half of February is Ephesians 2:10.  Here’s a card for your kitchen window.

(Tim Tebow said the Greek word for workmanship is poiéma.  Poem is derived from this Greek word.  We are God’s poem.  I wanted our card this month to remind us of that each time we see it in.)

Eph 2 10.jpg



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