In His Presence – February 8


Today’s Scripture:

Matthew 14:1-21


One comment on “In His Presence – February 8

  1. First, isn’t it cool that we landed on the very story we heard Tim Tebow tell about last night (in the Family Connection). AND, Lifeway’s Journey Magazine devotional for today is about this same story! Coincidence, I think not! It’s no accident. Just as we heard with the repeated number 3.16 during Tim’s game, God did this for us. Sometimes He puts things together to remind us He’s very present and involved in our lives.

    Has that ever happened to you before?

    These verses give us a big clue about Jesus’ personality.

    When Jesus heard of John the Baptist’s death, he got into a boat and went to a deserted place by Himself. Do you ever just want to be by yourself after hearing about or experiencing something hard? Jesus too.

    Then, when the multitudes found Him, He was “moved with compassion” and not only that He “healed their sick.” Even in the midst of His own pain, He put others first.

    How is that different from the way most people would have reacted, especially when dealing with grief? What have we to learn here?

    Jesus knew what He was doing all along and was in control, even if it seemed like He wasn’t . He was staging a miracle.


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