In His Presence – February7


Today’s Scripture:

Matthew 13:44-58



One comment on “In His Presence – February7

  1. My MacArthur notes said something so beautiful when explaining the two parables (pearls and dragnet):
    Salvation is “so valuable that people who have it revealed to them are willing to give up all they have to possess it.”

    Since we are reading through the Gospels to learn more about Jesus’ personality, I think we can look at the last portion of our reading and see that Jesus knew what it felt like to be rejected. He was rejected by people who should have been the first to accept Him – people from His own hometown. For anyone who has felt that way, Jesus understands.

    Jesus certainly could have done miracles in this town, but chose not to. Why?
    MacArthur noted it as an act of compassion. The corruption in their hearts would have caused them to scrutinized and attack Him and that would have brought more condemnation on them. It was a mercy.


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