In His Presence Family Connection – February 7


Today’s Post…

Visit Tim Tebow’s website using the link below.  You can download the first chapter of his new book, Shaken for free.  You might choose to give that free chapter to your older teens and then go on to order the book for them.

Go to Menu, click Shaken, scroll to the bottom and you can access the Bible Study videos FREE for 90 days from Right Now Media by using the code provided.

Watch the first Bible Study video 1- Who Are You. (13 minutes)  This is a MUST! So good!

Talking Points…

  • What defines you? (let everyone really think on this question before responding)
  • Memorize Ephesians 2:10 as a family
  • Do you believe God can do miracles in and through you?
  • Parents, pray for each child individually.  Pray that God would use their lives for His glory.  Pray that they would have their identity rooted  in Him.  Pray they would clearly hear His voice as He directs them.







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