In His Presence Family Connection – February 27


Every afternoon, I will post something for you to share with your family in the evening.  It may be a talking point, a short video, a Scripture to read, etc.

Today’s Post… (The Tongue)

Read James 3:1-12

Talking Points:

  • Discuss the things the tongue is described as in these verses (fire, evil, poison)
  • Discuss examples of using your tongue for both good things/bad things.
  • Is it easier/harder to watch what you say to family members verses others?
  • Stop and think about the motive behind your words.  What’s the bigger picture?  How do you think it makes the other person feel?  Do you think it bothers them inside?  Are you glorifying God with your words?

Read Ephesians 4:29.  (This would be a great verse to memorize as a family.)