In His Presence Family Connection – January 24


Every afternoon, I will post something for you to share with your family in the evening.  It may be a talking point, a short video, a Scripture to read, etc.

Today’s Post… (Noah’s Ark)

Genesis 6-8:17

Watch the video showing the Ark Encounter  in Kentucky.

Talking Points…

  • What would you say to someone who doesn’t believe Noah’s Ark is a true story?
  • How is Noah’s Ark a picture of Christ and His salvation?
  • Do you think the Ark Encounter will show the world that an ark like this is possible and lead them to believe that other stories in the Bible are possible too?
  • Pray for the Ark Encounter and for those who visit to come to believe that Jesus is real and come to know Him as Savior.

Here’s an interesting clip showing an exchange between Ken Ham and Bill Nye.  Your older kids might enjoy seeing it and thinking through how they would respond if they encounter someone with a different view.  It’s also enoucraging to see the little girl speak up and say, “I believe in God.”


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