In His Presence – January 20


Today’s Scripture:

Matthew 8:1-17





One comment on “In His Presence – January 20

  1. Jesus could have just spoken it and the leper would have been healed. We know this is possible because in verse 13, Jesus healed the centurion’s servant without going to him. He put His hands on this leper. Luke 5:12 says he was “full of leprosy” meaning he had an extremely serious case of leprosy.

    Let that sink in.

    I’d love to hear your comments on why you think God wanted to point out that Jesus chose to put His hands on this man, when He could have just spoken the healing.

    Jesus asked the man not to tell, but he disobeyed. The man’s disobedience, even with good intentions, tied Jesus’ hands. He had to move His ministry from the city into the desert region. The man would have realized later his mistake. Imagine the moment when it sank in that if only he’d obeyed, Jesus might have stayed. Maybe the lesson here is to obey, even when you don’t understand fully.


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