In His Presence – January 16


Today’s Scripture:

Matthew 6:16-18

Here’s a new Scripture card for your kitchen window.  Remember, our goal is two per month.  I’m getting a bit ambitious for the last half of the month and trying to memorize the Beatitudes from Matthew 5:3-10.



There are 3 Bible versions to choose from.


One comment on “In His Presence – January 16

  1. Here, Jesus continues to teach His disciples. He’s called them off alone on the mountain and He wants to cover a lot of territory. He knows His time is short. He knows they will be the backbone of the New Testament church; which needs to be grounded in truth. If you ever wonder WWJD, He’s spelled it out on many topics here.
    Chapters 5-7 are the transcript from this teaching session.

    Today, we read about Jesus’ teachings on fasting. Remember, we’ve fine-tuned our eyes for signs of His personality. I notice a couple of things. One, the humility of Jesus and His desire for others to be that way. Just like with giving and praying, don’t fast for show. Two, He teaches them that fasting in necessary. “When” you fast. He’s concerned for their own spiritual well-being. And, He’s concerned for ours.

    Isn’t it neat that Jesus calls us off by ourselves today too? He’s teaching us with the very same words He used with the disciples. Just like the disciples, we can go out and then teach others. Sure, we may not plant a church (or maybe you will), but we can all demonstrate what a life of Christ looks like when implement His teachings in our own lives.


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