In His Presence – January 13


Today’s Scripture:

Matthew 6:1-15




One comment on “In His Presence – January 13

  1. Jesus is still on the mountain teaching His disciples in these verses and touches on a couple of things here: good deeds and prayer.

    Doing good deeds – do them in secret verses for earthly recognition; check your motives

    Prayer – He doesn’t say “if”, but “when” you pray (verses 5,6,7) Daily prayer time is so important.
    Pray in secret; not for show. Pray is very personal and private. You can tell Him anything.
    Don’t use meaningless repetition. Really think about what you’re saying to Him.
    God wants us to talk to Him. Verse 8 says He already knows what we need. But, notice He wants us to pray. This tells us that He wants us to talk to Him. He wants to be with us. Just the two of you, alone. How amazing is that?

    Jesus went a step further and gave them an example of prayer. As a visual learner, I appreciate that!
    Here’s some things I quickly noticed from Jesus’ prayer:
    He starts by acknowledging God.
    He concedes to God’s will – whatever that might be, He wants it above all.
    He asks for God’s provision for “this day.” That reminds me of the Israelites in the wilderness when God chose to provide daily manna. Sometimes, we can get so future focused, when maybe we should just trust Him one day at a time and not worry.
    Forgive us as we forgive others. (Ephesians 4:32)
    Don’t lead us into temptation and deliver us from evil. Help me avoid sin. Everything is in Your control. Nothing happens that doesn’t pass through Your hands first. You are Sovereign.
    The fact that Jesus uses “us” and “we” tells me it’s important to pray these things for ourselves and for others.

    John Piper has looked closer at the Lord’s Prayer in his “Look at the Book” series. Broken into 3 parts they are only 9 minutes each. Here’s the link:


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