In His Presence – January 11


Today’s Scripture:

Matthew 5:1-12



One comment on “In His Presence – January 11

  1. Here we see Jesus as a teacher. He’s found a quiet place away from the multitudes. It’s time to be with His disciples. (Are we taking time to quiet down our lives and feed into our families?) His lesson, in these verses, gives a description of true faith.

    Think, for a moment, about His delivery style. His lesson, deep. His method, positive. He wasn’t spitting out harsh “don’t do this” statements (Don’t be unmerciful!). Instead He used positive statements and pointed out the benefit of such living (When you are merciful, you’re blessed with mercy right back.) Jesus pointed out the right thing to do and pointed out the benefits for doing it that way.

    More than surface emotion, “blessed” here refers to a divine benefit received by those who are faithful. I think He was also trying to get them to see a more spiritual worldview; some benefits they wouldn’t see until heaven.
    Blessed are those/benefit:
    poor in spirit/kingdom of heaven
    meek/inherit the earth
    hunger and thirst for righteousness/filled
    merciful/obtain mercy
    pure in heart/see God
    peacemakers/called sons of God
    persecuted for righteousness/kingdom of heaven
    reviled and persecuted for Christ/reward


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