In His Presence – January 10


Today’s Scripture:

Matthew 4:18-25



One comment on “In His Presence – January 10

  1. Verse 19 hints at Jesus being witty. He could have said, “Gentlemen, would you like to leave this line of business you’re in and come and follow me in discipleship?” But no, we see a witty play on words here.

    In verses 20 and 22, the fact that these four fishermen (and my image of fishermen isn’t wimpy), immediately obey lends itself to the charisma of Jesus. They must have had a lot of admiration and trust in Jesus to leave their livelihood.

    Teaching, preaching, and healing (verse 23) characterized his public ministry. Envision Jesus in each role. Jesus as a teacher. Jesus as a preacher. Jesus putting his hands individually on multitudes of people and healing them or speaking healing over them.

    In verse 24, His fame spread. They brought more and more and more people to Him with all kinds of problems. Verse 25 says, “and He healed them.” It doesn’t say, “and he healed some of them.” He healed them ALL; each and every one that came to Him. He loves every single person the most.

    In verse 25, we learn that Jesus really put Himself out there. He knew what stepping into ministry was going to be like. No more quiet walks to Capernaum now. Tireless days and nights lay ahead. But, Jesus kept teaching. He kept preaching. He kept healing.


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