In His Presence series – January 6


Today’s Scripture:

Matthew 4:1-11


One comment on “In His Presence series – January 6

  1. Jesus was tempted, just like we are tempted. I think He allowed this because He wants us to know that He knows how it feels. He can understand what it’s like.
    This lends itself to one of the aspects of Jesus’ personality, which is what we’re on a hunt for as we read through the Gospels.
    Notice that verse 1 says, He was led by the Spirit. This, even this, was in God’s control. Your trials are no surprise to Him. Look at Exodus 16:4, “…that I may test them, whether they will walk in my law or not.” He allows temptation for greater purposes.
    Here, I think He wanted us to have a guide, a strategy, a template, if you will.

    Let’s dig into these Scriptures a little more…

    Temptation #1
    It says “after” he had fasted and was hungry – boom! That’s when Satan tempted Him. Satan is patient; I’ll give him that. I think the word calculating may be a better choice of word. It sounds more devious.
    Also notice what he tempted Jesus with – food. He assessed the situation, waited for the right opportunity, and made his attack.
    Satan uses customized temptations. So, here’s the strategy: Identify your weak areas and be ready. Have Scripture, relevant to that weak area, ready to shut him down.

    Temptation #2
    This one sounded like a dare to me. And I happen to know, as the mom of a teenage boy, that it’s hard for boys/men to resist an in your face, straight up dare. I think this helps us to identify with the more human side of Jesus. I think Satan maybe was appealing to that natural instinct.
    Jesus’ reply, “Don’t even. Your dares don’t work on me.”

    Temptation #3
    Pride. “You can be the king of hill, how about it?” How often does our pride cause us to fall for temptation? Make sure to examine your motives and keep them in check.

    I’m no theologian, but this is just a look into my personal journal entry for today.


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