The Christmas Story Bible Study for Kids & Video series

I have a BRAND NEW Bible Study for Kids that was just published on Currclick.  Here’s the product description…

Click here to order.

The Bible Studies for Kids series offers agreat first in-depth Bible Study for children.  These studies take readers through a portion of the Bible, leaving them with a feeling of success and training them how to study the Bible on their own. The reading passages are divided into manageable and content appropriate chunks. Each Bible study includes word checks with definitions to aid in understanding.  Each also includes relevant and thoughtful questions throughout.  Short answer responses verses long writing assignments are utilized to make the study fun and not overwhelming.

This Bible Study for Kids is great for girls OR boys!

It takes your child through parts of the book of Luke (and a portion of Matthew) as he/she explores the Christmas Story told in the Bible. Your child will read directly from his/her OWN BIBLE.  There are 5 lessons, one for each day of the week.

In addition, this study INCLUDES A VIDEO for each day that goes along with the daily lesson sheet. The author, Kathy Hutto, is a degreed educator with over twenty years of teaching experience both in public and private Christian schools.  Today, she homeschools her two children and works on staff for her Baptist church.  She has written over 160 educational products, many of which are for sale through Currclick.

At the end of Session 5, there is a short assessment.

Your child can send the completed Assessment to Kathy (address included in the resource) and she will grade it and send it back along with an encouraging message and special Christmas surprise (like stickers or a pencil…)  Children love getting mail, so this will be a fun incentive for completing this Bible Study and getting them to read their Bible.

Click here to order The Christmas Story Bible Study for Kids & Self Paced Class.

For more Bible Studies, click here. Search “Bible Studies for Preteens.”

Please be sure to check out Paragraph Writing Made Easy Self-Paced class.  Have your child send in his/her completed paragraph and Kathy will respond with encouraging comments and a FREE Christmas Fun activity book!


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