Night of Worship and Prayer Guide

I wrote a post on October 14, entitled, The Shape of the Wall, the state of America.  In it, I let you know about a Night of Worship and Prayer event our church is holding on October 30 at 6:00.  I’d love to encourage you to pray on this night as well, either on your own or with you church body.  Please pray fervently for the upcoming election and for our country.  Let’s lift our voices together and cry out to God in repentance.  He will not turn a deaf ear, but will move on our behalf.  He is a God ready to forgive, who delights to show us mercy. (Nehemiah 9:17)  He will see that there is a remnant here that loves Him and wants to turn back to the truth of Scripture.

I wanted to pass along the Night of Worship and Prayer Guide that we will be using.  You can download it below.  It is in Word format, so hopefully you can edit it for your church.


If you have any trouble opening, please contact me to let me know.

For His glory,




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