In His Presence – October 12


In His Presence series

Today’s Scripture…

Romans 4


Digging Deeper Resources…

(I used my MacArthur Study Bible to dig a little deeper today. I posted some notes from it in the Comments section below.) If you find good resources for chapter 4, be sure to post them too.:)



One comment on “In His Presence – October 12

  1. Verses 6-8-quotes Psalm 32:1-2. It’s a prayer of David after his adultery with Bathsheba and his murder of her husband. My MacArthur Study Bible notes had this, “In spite of the enormity of his sin and the utter absence of personal merit, David knew the blessing of imputed righteousness.”

    Verse 10-It’s not some work or act that made Abraham (or us) righteous

    Verses 13-15-Neither did keeping the Mosaic law justify him (or us)

    Verses 1-25-Paul shows that justification comes by faith/not works, and by grace/not keeping the law. Justification comes from God/not human effort

    Verse 25-HUGE “The resurrection provided proof that God had accepted the sacrifice of His Son and would be able to be just and yet justify the ungodly.” (MacArthur notes)


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