The Prince Warriors book review and Lapbook

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Priscilla Shirer is probably best known for her women’s ministry and powerful speaking style as well as her acting debut in the movie, “War Room.” But, her talents as a children’s fiction writer are equally as impressive. I would compare the first book, The Prince Warriors, in her new trilogy along the lines of Narnia written in modern verbiage. For example, the book mentions Minecraft and iPhones! It’s an easy read and relatable for kids. Best of all, it is steeped with religious allegory. In fact, the book’s website points out all the “Secrets” where Priscilla Shirer has used the scene to parallel the spiritual temptation and warfare that Christians face. I recommend this book for all ages. I read it as a “read aloud” this summer to my children and a couple of their cousins who were visiting us for a week. The audience ranged in age from 8 to 15, and they all enjoyed it! I enjoyed it as well, so don’t be shy about picking this book up too, parents!  Priscilla does an amazing job of capturing what’s it’s like to be in a spiritual battle.  For older readers, this will resonate for sure!

I love to use quality books for my younger child to read as part of her homeschool reading lessons. I like for her to organize what’s she’s reading using Lapbooks. I created a pretty extensive Lapbook for The Prince Warriors since this book has 25 chapters!  I’d love to share it with you here! To create the Lapbook, you will simply stack 4 file folders and glue them together – bottom on top of the next folder. That will give you one Lapbook with 4 distinct sections. (Part 2 needs 2 sections – one section just for all the Secrets!)  I simply copied the front of the book and section titles to use for the cover and headings for each section.  I used a tan copy paper to match the color of the book.

I’ve included a lapbook piece for every chapter with questions printed RIGHT ONTO the piece. Your students will read a chapter, cut out the lapbook piece for that chapter, write the answers to the questions, and glue the piece into the folder. (By the way, I also included the answers at the bottom of each page. You can cut that part off before giving the paper to your child, but it will give you a quick way to check their comprehension.)

You can order Priscilla’s book, The Prince Warriors here.

You can get The Prince Warriors Lapbook here.