Start your own In His Presence group

bible picture

I am so glad you are joining us here for the In His Presence daily Scripture and that you are spending time daily reading your Bible and praying.

Today’s passage from Mark 6:7-13, said Jesus sent them out two by two. I think that maybe that was for accountability, encouragement, and agreement in prayer.

Every morning at the same time I post the In His Presence Scripture here, I text it to a small group of ladies. It keeps me accountable knowing they are going to know if I’m up and reading/responding back. They text back insight from the passage the Lord shows them and it’s so neat to see how He speaks in different ways using the same Scripture! The Word truly is alive and active. (Hebrews 4:12) We also text immediate prayer needs. It’s comforting to know someone else is agreeing in prayer with me. (Matthew 18:19)

I want to encourage you to start a text group like this. You can use the Scriptures I post or let the Lord lead you to another book. Remember to stick with small chunks and really pour over them. I believe you will be truly blessed by arranging a “Bible Study text group” of your own.

Stay in His Presence!




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