Daily in His Presence – March 31

In His Presence Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11 If God opened a door and you didn't walk through it, don't beat yourself up with guilt. He will open it again or open a new one.


Daily in His Presence – March 30

Daily in His Prsence Scripture: Romans 8:37

In His Presence Devo – He washed Judas’ feet too

Read John 13:3-5. The Passover supper had ended.  It's at this part in the story that Jesus gets up and takes a towel and a basin of water and washes the disciples' feet.  All 12 of them - including Judas. Skip ahead and read John 13:26, 30.  It was after the foot washing that Jesus …

Daily in His Presence – March 21

In His Presence Scripture: Matthew 28:5-6 Song Remember by Passion https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OAmVlsUCbbw