Online History Class for girls – I highly recommend!









I want to apologize right up front for posting this at the end of February verses the beginning, and in a second, you’ll know why!

My daughter has been involved in an AMAZING online American history class this semester.  It is called War of Worldviews.  It’s an all-girl class.  I have already registered her for the next class next school year.  I already know we will continue.  It is taught online by Haley Maycock.   Her husband, Daniel, also teaches online.  I could not recommend them more highly!  They are amazing.  They were homeschooled themselves and now, as adults who have graduated from college, are both teaching.  Daniel holds an MA and both have studied abroad at Oxford at one time during their education.

You can visit their website which is called Polymath Classical.  

I personally know Haley and Daniel’s families well and I can attest to these instructors being solid Christians who will feed more than just history and math into your children.  They will help your child see history with a Biblical worldview.

Be sure to check out their class offerings.  There is a “super early bird” savings discount of half price through the end of February (TOMORROW)!  The history class, for example, will be only $250 total for the entire school year!  Contact them quickly if you see a class you are interested in.

Even if you are new to online classes, this will be a piece of cake.  Haley walked me through a mock class before the first actual class.  We just log on every Friday morning at 9:00AM using the link she provided and that’s it!  We see Mrs. Haley teaching from her location and she puts up Notes and Powerpoint presentations.  The girls get to chat in the chatbox or “raise their hand” to speak into their microphone.  The children often participate in online debates.

The work load is not overwhelming.  The students are asked to read two chapters per week and write two critical questions, which will be discussed in class.  The students write four essays during the school year. Mrs. Haley gives good instructions and examples of these.  She provides several topics to choose from – related to what the children are studying.  She keeps up with the grading.  She is very good about commenting on my daughter’s essays and critical questions.  You can tell she really wants her students to do their best and expand their knowledge and learning skills.

One final thing I have to tell you…  I just love that this is an all-girls class.  I have listened in and heard Mrs. Haley giving the girls makeup tips as they discussed and compared fashion in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.  What an amazing role model!

You still have until tomorrow to take advantage of the super discount, so hop on tonight and take a look.