The Holocaust of Today-Taking a Stand










Today, my daughter had an online history class.  The chapters she had to read in advance focused on Hitler and the Holocaust.  As we prepared for her class this morning, I got into a spiel about how we should always follow what the Bible says even when our leaders say otherwise.  With fire, I talked about how, if we were faced with a decision to do something that we knew was in direct contradiction with what the Bible says, we should stand against it.  With a somewhat pious tone, I ranted about how we should not tolerate acts of this kind and should stop it quickly at all costs.

During the class, my daughter’s teacher said something that got my attention.  She said, “We are in a kind of holocaust today.” She was referring to abortion.


What are we doing to stand up strongly against this horrific attack against innocent people being slaughtered by the thousands in OUR country every day?

Let’s pray that we will be a people who aren’t afraid to take a bold stand for the truth of the Bible.  It is OUR problem.

What’s the least we can do?

Here’s a site I keep track of and you may want to as well:

Elect a president that is pro-life.

Humble ourselves, repent, and pray.

Listen to God’s leading if He directs you to do more as opportunity arises for you.


(You may want to watch 180 Movie from Way of the Master.)




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