2016 Journal











Okay, I think we are on to something!  This new journal is resonating!  I watched it quickly climb to the #1 spot on Currclick.  I’ve since also added it to TpT.

Ladies, we NEEDED this!  We are READY for this!

I can’t tell you how excited I am at how the Lord will use this journal in my life and in yours!









(Don’t forget to tie a special vintage looking ribbon to the top coil to serve as your bookmark!)

2016 is going to be a HOPE-filled year and we will…

Love Deeply.

Live Fully.

Seek Wholly.

If you still haven’t gotten yours, you can do so here or here.

If you are a missionary, it’s yours FREE.  Just contact me.

If you aren’t able to afford this, it’s yours FREE.  Just contact me.

If you can gift one, do so!  Don’t forget to include a special pen – that’s half the fun!

I am printing and binding one for each of the ladies in my Bible Study group.  I can’t wait to give it to them!

It cost me $4.49 at Staples and I opted for the clear binding cover for the front which was $.29.

With much love,



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