2016 Journal for Prayer and Bible Reading

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Journal for Prayer and Bible Reading

I am so giddy about this new journal! I am tickled because I am personally excited about using it as I begin 2016.

I don’t know if you watched the TBN special Hope for the Holidays the other night, but Beth Moore was on it and I was inspired. When she was chatting with the other ladies on set about her journal, she said she took one she’d been given and modified it to make it her own. She said it’s relatively blank at the onset of the new year. She lifts it up to the Lord and prays that the Lord fill it and her year however He wills. Then, at year end, she closes it and thanks God for his work within those pages and her life. I just loved that.

I thought about my own journal. I have used school-grade spiral composition books for years. This time, I wanted my journal to feel special. I also wanted it to be organized with my prayer list and journaling notes all in one place. I wanted it to include my mantra for this year: Love Deeply. Live Fully. Seek Wholly. I wanted it to include Scripture that would remind me of who I am in Christ – just in case I need them at a moment’s notice while life gets complicated. I wanted it to include the prayer strategy sheets I use daily for my children, marriage, etc.

This journal does not include devotionals. It does not include a suggested Scripture reading plan. I debated about including those things, but ultimately decided that I didn’t want this journal to hinder your being able to meet directly with the Lord yourself. I never know where the Lord may lead me in my Bible reading time. If a passage doesn’t instantly come to mind, I usually read the Lifeway’s Journey devotional magazine entry for that day. On the side of the page, there is a suggested scripture reference for further reading. I will generally start there.

God is doing an active work in your life and circumstances. He wants to be very specific with you. His Word is active and sharp. (Hebrews 4:12) That’s where intimacy in the relationship comes. I wouldn’t dare want to take that privilege from Him. However, if He leads me to share with you the Scripture He’s laid on my heart for a particular morning and use me in that way to get the reference to You, I will be happy to oblige. You can follow me on this blog and Twitter to get those updates.

I pray that God uses this journal to make you feel like the special, beloved person you are to Him. I pray He uses it to help you keep record of your intimate times with Him. I pray you can flip back and be encouraged at His provision. I pray you can flip back and use it to share your testimony of the greatness of the Lord – even, and especially, in the midst of your day to day life that is very real and very hard sometimes (Psalm 78:4). I pray you love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind – with everything you’ve got!

Much love,



Print out the front and back of your journal onto cardstock paper for extra durability. NOTE: Print pages 2-7, single-sided. Print 8-13, double-sided (one set for each week of the year). Print pages 14, single-sided. Print pages 15—20 double-sided. Print pages 21-23, single-sided.

Spiral bind.
I prefer the coil type that folds back easily. An office supply store can get this done for you.

Create a ribbon bookmark.
Tie a long piece of shabby chic ribbon to the top rung of the spiral binding comb. Use as a bookmark to mark the day you are currently working on.

Journal Tabs

Directions: Print this page onto cardstock. Cut out the tabs and affix with glue to the back side of the first page of these sections in your journal. The tabs will help since you will flip here daily.
I Am…
Strategic Prayers

Purchase a Pen
I highly recommend that you purchase a special pen for use with this journal. Treat yourself, if your budget allows, to this simple indulgence. You are so special and doing this for yourself will remind you of that each time you put pen to page while working daily in this journal.

SPECIAL NOTE – This journal contains no dates in it. If you purchase it for 2016, you can still use this same journal every year hereafter!


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