Mom Devo. – Some Why Questions Answered:)

Crib, Child, Nativity Scene, Santon, Christmas

I hope you are enjoying all of the glorious sights and sounds of the season! I don’t know about you, but when I focus on Christ and His birth as we approach the celebration of His birthday, I begin to wonder…

I’ve been asking the Lord some “Why” questions lately. For example,

• “Why didn’t you just evacuate the Canaanites before the Israelites got there? You could have, God. You’d already given them the Promised Land. Why did you have them fight the giants in the land?
• “Why didn’t you just cause the 5 kings that came against Joshua and the Israelite army to just go on back home or maybe send a disease to wipe them out”. You could have. You’d already given the 5 armies into Joshua’s hand. (Joshua 10: 8) Why did you have them go into battle?”

Now, I know God is Sovereign, but I also know that there is purpose in His methods and I just wanted to understand a little better.

• And then, as I was preparing for our upcoming Sunday School lesson today, I thought, “Why did Jesus have to come in such a lowly way and suffer so much?”

And then, the answer came. God led me to Psalm 111:4, “You have caused your wonderful works to be remembered.”

If the Israelites had breezed right into the Promised Land with no giants to face, would this have been memorable? I mean, their testimony might have sounded something like, “We got there, we walked in, we set up our tents, done.”

What if there had been no 5 armies breathing down Joshua’s neck. They wouldn’t be able to share about the large hailstones God threw down (Joshua 10:11) or the day the sun stood still so they could keep fighting (Joshua 10:12). Now, that’s a story to pass down through the generations.

And what about Jesus? Born of a virgin in a stable; laid in a manger; the night sky announcing His birth to wise men after all this was prophesied hundreds of years before? Now, that’s a wonderful work to be remembered!

So, what about you and me? Just maybe what you’re going through and I’m going through seem really hard. But, just maybe God’s deliverance will be another example of His wonderful work and they’ll be talking about it for a long time.  Maybe He will do such miraculous work in your life that even your great-great grandchildren will still be hearing about a it.

I LOVE studying the Bible and spending time with the Lord. I also LOVE seeing my children studying the Bible. I have created a few resources for this.

NEW! A to Z Bible Curriculum – a complete curriculum where each letter relates to a Bible Story. This curriculum includes and Attention Grabber, Bible Learning, Games, Craft AND simple letter activities. I wrote this curriculum to be used by our church when we go on regular mission trips to Guatemala. We teach Bible stories and basic letter skills there. We are also using it with a Backyard Bible Club we attend every Sunday evening in an underprivileged area. But, this curriculum would work GREAT for young learners – theme based; where the theme is a Bible Story. It also would work for older learners by eliminating the Letter Skills section.

Bible Studies for Preteens

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