Multiplication Foldable – for learning 1’s to 12’s

Multiplication Foldable cover jpg










Summer is a great time to brush up on those multiplication facts!  This Multiplication Foldable is a teaching resource, not just a Lapbook.  It’s made using a poster board versus a file folder.  You fold it in such a way that there is even a storage pocket for storing flashcards and pointers.  Once complete, your student will have all he/she needs to learn/practice the multiplication facts in this ONE resource!


  • Instructions and full-color photographs for making the Foldable
  • Printable Cover Page for the Foldable
  • Colorful Number Headings
  • Directions and Printables for each fact from 0 to 12
  • Printables and directions for making 2 pointers to use with this resource
  • Full-color photographs of each completed page of the foldable
  • Full-color photographs of the finished product
  • Bonus Material- Teaching the Hundred Chart (normally sold separately)
  • Bonus Material- Number Flashcards (normally sold separately)
  • Bonus Material- Extra flashcards for practice (store in the pocket)

85 pages in all!!

Click here to order.

Please check out the other products under publisher Kathy Hutto.

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