Bible Studies for Preteens – Mary (Lazarus and Martha’s sister) AND a craft

Mary Lazarus sister cover










I’m leading a small group of preteens at my church on Sunday nights using the the Bible Study for Preteens – Mary.  We are having a blast!  Hope you are too!  I’d love your feedback!









I added a craft idea to go along with it.  We made jars for holding (not perfume) but candles!

Simply wash out an old baby food jar (or any small jar).

Decoupage colorful tissue paper using watered-down glue and a paintbrush.

Let dry.

Add a tea light candle inside.

We made these at church, lit them, and turned off the lights.  The colorful glow from the candles was amazing!

BTW…I also brought sucker rings for the girls to enjoy during the study.  I’d also recommend you provide each girl with a pen that writes in pink for a little added fun!

Also, keep in mind girls this age like to spell things correctly.  Be prepared to help them spell the words to the answers.  They totally know the answers, they just want to get the spelling of every word correct.  I think that kind of diligence is awesome; just be prepared for it!  You may repeat the spelling of one word several times as they each try to write it down.  This may go on the entire study – so roll with it! 🙂


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