Christian Heroes Then and Now lapbooks

George Muller cover










I’ve recently been introduced to the Christian Heroes Then and Now series of books for children and I LOVE them!
I have just finished creating my first lapbook for the series and it is on George Muller.

These lapbooks are sold through Currclick and TODAY ONLY I am running a special intro sale price of just $1.50.

For His glory,
Product Description:
I love to find good reading material for my children. Recently, I discovered Christian Heroes Then and Now from YWAM Publishing. These books are written in such an enjoyable way.
These biographies begin by taking the reader way back to when the subject was a youth. Then, the book walks them through the entire life of the person.
I cannot stress enough how much I love and recommend these books! Ted Tripp, author or Shepherding a Child’s Heart, recommends reading Christian hero biographies. Courtney Joseph, of Women Living Well, lists this series among her top ten favorite things!
Christian Heroes Then and Now, George Muller lapbook allows your child to read a chapter and complete a lapbook piece for each chapter. The lapbook piece includes comprehension questions. Have your child do this independently or read the book together and discuss the questions as a family.
There are 17 lapbook pieces included in this resource.
The questions are pre-printed on each lapbook piece! No need to have your child re-write the questions. They will simply fill in the answers in the space provided.
In addition, there is a pre-printed cover for each piece. The cover includes the chapter number and title for easy organization and review once inside the lapbook.
Look for more lapbooks to come from the Christian Heroes Then and Now book series.


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