Teddy at the Beach Cupcakes









A while ago, I let my daughter scroll through recipes at the Pillsbury website.  We printed the ones she liked and made them into a cookbook.  From time to time, we try out one of the recipes from her cookbook.









Recently, we made these Teddy at the Beach Cupcakes.  We just used a box mix (as the recipe from Pillsbury suggested 😉 and colored our frosting using blue food coloring.









We decorated with umbrellas (meant for drinks), teddy bear cookies, fish gummies, and sprinkles.

Have fun!


Bible Studies for Preteens – Mary (Lazarus and Martha’s sister) AND a craft

Mary Lazarus sister cover










I’m leading a small group of preteens at my church on Sunday nights using the the Bible Study for Preteens – Mary.  We are having a blast!  Hope you are too!  I’d love your feedback!









I added a craft idea to go along with it.  We made jars for holding (not perfume) but candles!

Simply wash out an old baby food jar (or any small jar).

Decoupage colorful tissue paper using watered-down glue and a paintbrush.

Let dry.

Add a tea light candle inside.

We made these at church, lit them, and turned off the lights.  The colorful glow from the candles was amazing!

BTW…I also brought sucker rings for the girls to enjoy during the study.  I’d also recommend you provide each girl with a pen that writes in pink for a little added fun!

Also, keep in mind girls this age like to spell things correctly.  Be prepared to help them spell the words to the answers.  They totally know the answers, they just want to get the spelling of every word correct.  I think that kind of diligence is awesome; just be prepared for it!  You may repeat the spelling of one word several times as they each try to write it down.  This may go on the entire study – so roll with it! 🙂

Creative Writing Starters FREE

puppies 1 cover









Sometimes the blank page is just torture!  Creative writing should be fun, but for reluctant writers, it can be overwhelming.

Here’s a fun idea I created for my daughter.  Maybe it will help yours too!  Just print and cut out the picture.  Glue to the top of a piece of notebook paper.

Download a copy of the writing prompts sheet here:

puppies 1

If you need these let me know in the comments and I’ll try to create and post more. 🙂


Kid’s Pillow Made From a Shirt









This is a super simple sewing idea (try saying that 5 times fast!)  It would make a great first sewing project for your budding seamstress.


  1. Have your daughter select a cute shirt that she has outgrown.  The one shown was actually a pajama shirt, so it is soft!
  2. Have her cut the shirt in a straight line, just under the sleeves.  Draw a line using a pen if it will help.
  3. Turn inside out.
  4. Sew one side straight across.
  5. Sew part of the other side – leaving room for stuffing.
  6. Turn right side out and stuff.
  7. Sew the opening closed.  We used the sewing machine verses doing this by hand.  We just had to squish the now stuffed pillow a bit for it to fit under the sewing machine foot.

Photos: (I didn’t divide the directions with photos in case you wanted to copy and print and let your daughter follow the directions to make the pillow on her own.)









Cut straight across under the sleeves.








Turn inside out.








Sew straight across one side and part of the other – leaving room for stuffing.








Stuff.  Sew the opening closed.

In His Presence Devotion: Expectant











I have my morning prayer time at the kitchen window. For days I’ve been observing that there is a sliver of dry bark on a couple of large trees along the edge of our driveway. I kept thinking, “There’s a lesson here somewhere!”

Initially, I thought the sun was rising and drying up that side of the tree. Makes sense.

And then tonight as I took a break from walking and sat on the front steps,  I looked over at those tall oaks.  I observed the sun beginning to set on my left.  I looked from tree to sun and back again.


The sun was setting on the “dry side” of the trees. So that mean the sun was rising each morning at the back of those trees, but they were drying on the opposite side…in advance of the sun reaching them!

There was the lesson and in God’s perfect timing!

Charles Spurgeon wrote the following about his friend, George Muller…

“When I was conversing lately with our dear friend, George Muller, he frequently astonished me with the way in which he mentioned that he had for so many months and years asked for such and such a mercy, and praised the Lord for it, as though he actually obtained it. Even in praying for the conversion of a person, as soon as he had begun to intercede, he began also to praise God for the conversion of that person. I think he told us he had in one instance he had already prayed for thirty years and the work was not yet done, yet all the while he had gone on thanking God, because he knew the prayer would be answered.”- C.H. Spurgeon

Now… if you’re the analytical type, you will reason that the dark, moist bark was due to the cool forage covering and you’d probably be just right.

But… I love God’s creativity.  He used just a couple of trees with a very unique appearance to remind me that I need to pray – expectantly.

For His glory,


Christian Homeschool Planners BUNDLE for Moms and Kids

planners bundle cover










Once again, Notebooking Nook and I have teamed up to offer you two awesome products bundled together at a fraction of the cost. Regularly priced at $9.99, you can get this bundle for less than half the price at just $4.00!



• Joyful Steward Student Planner (in 3 levels)

• Homeschool Planner for Moms (fully customizable..with lots of freebies)


Feel free to spread the word!


A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum – BIG DISCOUNT – great for new homeschoolers

Curriculum Cover jpg









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A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum is a COMPLETE preschool OR Pre-K curriculum. It is very hands-on and uses very little “worksheets.” This product has been discounted to just $2.50 THIS WEEK ONLY! Also, it includes 2 FREE items! You will receive Alphabet Phonics Bracelets AND A to Z Coloring, Handwriting, and Activity book. Why not purchase and gift this to a new homeschooling mama or church preschool! Take advantage of this incredibly low price while it lasts!


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Product Description:
This COMPLETE Toddler and Preschool Curriculum is designed especially for the homeschool parent. It is set up to cover one letter per week. In addition to a letter a week, it includes a weekly theme that starts with the letter of the week. The same color, shape, and number are worked on all month long. This curriculum begins in September and ends in May. The lessons include ideas for teaching: Letter Skills, Numbers, Shapes, Color, Art, Music, Game Time, and Snack ideas. Every lesson also includes a simple scripture to memorize and a Bible story. There are holiday lessons built in throughout at the appropriate places. Most all of the items needed to implement the lessons are simply common household items, which makes this curriculum very budget friendly. Pick and choose the activities you like or do several each day to complete them all each week.

This resource also includes blank alphabet blackline masters for all of the letters of the alphabet.
This resource now includes printable lesson plans with all of the activities plugged in for you.
This E-Book is fully printable. It is in PDF, Adobe Format. In addition, the Contents page is interactive; meaning that you can click on a letter to be taken directly to that page versus having to scroll through the pages until you come to the lesson you desire.

Purchase this book for your school year! It makes a GREAT GIFT for church Mother’s Day Out teachers, Daycare workers, or homeschooling moms with preschoolers.

About the author…
I have a degree in Early Childhood education and over 20 years of teaching experience (Funny, I don’t feel that old!) The bulk of my experience was in Pre-K and homeschooling my own children. This product is literally my huge filing cabinet full of ideas collected through all those years teaching, compiled into one book. (Takes up way less space!) I currently serve as the Preschool Ministry Coordinator for my church. I’d be honored if this product blesses you in your teaching endeavors.

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Homeschool Planner 2015-2016

homeschool planner cover 2015 2016








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It’s finally here! Introducing the 2015-2016 Homeschool Planner!

Just like last year, this planner is TOTALLY customizable!  You will receive it as a PowerPoint file, meaning you can change it around at will! (also comes with a PDF file in case you don’t have powerpoint)

The theme verse for this planner is, “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?  I will make a way in the wilderness  and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19, ESV

This planner features a trendy butterfly tree.  This theme is carried on throughout the planner with pink butterflies placed strategically.  I hope you like the fresh design.  Also new, you will find different reading logs, a new menu sheet/shopping list, and different family devotions.

In addition, I’ve once again jam packed it full of freebies to make your homeschool year run smoothly.

Here’s what you get:

Inside the Homeschool Planner…

  • Password Cheat Sheet
  • Birthdays of Family & Friends
  • Monthly Calendars
  • Menu Planners
  • Lesson Plans
  • Attendance Sheets
  • Grade Book
  • Report Cards
  • Reading Logs
  • Behavior Management
  • Weekly Chores
  • In His Presence Journal
  • Celebrating the Story of Jesus – Family Devotions

TONS of Free Resources included…

Excel, Customizable Student Planner

Bible Study for Preteens – Job (entire study for you to try; additional studies available for purchase)

Virtual Fieldtrip –  (try it out and order additional fieldtrips for your school year if you’d like)

Reading is for Everyone flashcards

Summer Reading Program

Customizable Lapbook Templates (so you can make your own customized lapbooks throughout the year!)

Birthday Packet (make their special day extra special!)

Create a Homeschool Classroom on a Budget book

Standardized Testing Tips and Tricks book

Fun Timeline Figures from Creation to Resurrection (especially helpful if you do the Mystery of History curriculum)

Feed the Pigs Sight Words game

My Scripture Journals (for kids)

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Please check out the other products I’ve created for Currclick under publisher Kathy Hutto.

Christian Heroes Then and Now lapbooks

George Muller cover










I’ve recently been introduced to the Christian Heroes Then and Now series of books for children and I LOVE them!
I have just finished creating my first lapbook for the series and it is on George Muller.

These lapbooks are sold through Currclick and TODAY ONLY I am running a special intro sale price of just $1.50.

For His glory,
Product Description:
I love to find good reading material for my children. Recently, I discovered Christian Heroes Then and Now from YWAM Publishing. These books are written in such an enjoyable way.
These biographies begin by taking the reader way back to when the subject was a youth. Then, the book walks them through the entire life of the person.
I cannot stress enough how much I love and recommend these books! Ted Tripp, author or Shepherding a Child’s Heart, recommends reading Christian hero biographies. Courtney Joseph, of Women Living Well, lists this series among her top ten favorite things!
Christian Heroes Then and Now, George Muller lapbook allows your child to read a chapter and complete a lapbook piece for each chapter. The lapbook piece includes comprehension questions. Have your child do this independently or read the book together and discuss the questions as a family.
There are 17 lapbook pieces included in this resource.
The questions are pre-printed on each lapbook piece! No need to have your child re-write the questions. They will simply fill in the answers in the space provided.
In addition, there is a pre-printed cover for each piece. The cover includes the chapter number and title for easy organization and review once inside the lapbook.
Look for more lapbooks to come from the Christian Heroes Then and Now book series.