The Long Winter Unit Study (Little House on the Prairie)

the long winter cover










If the weather where you are has been as cold as where I am, it may be time for a read-aloud!  The kids and I really enjoyed reading through The Long Winter from the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It’s super easy to fit into your busy homeschooling day.  Just read a chapter a day and add the corresponding piece to your lapbook. That’s it!

This Unit Study includes:

Background Information such as…

Who was Laura Ingalls Wilder

What was the Homestead Act?

Pioneering Life

Links to pictures of Laura’s home, Almonzo’s actual Homestead Proof paperwork, a map of Laura’s travels, video of pioneer life with questions and a worksheet, crafts such as corn cob dolls, fleece scarfs, and homemade butter, museums, online fieldtrips, recipes, and more.  We scoured the web to find the very best resources for you to enhance this unit.

From making homemade butter and handmade fleece scarves to creating corncob dolls, your children will find this book and the activities we recommend a great way to spend your long winter.

Also includes a COMPLETE LAPBOOK with one cutout for each of the 33 chapters in the book.  Each page includes comprehension questions from the chapter and an answer KEY.

44 pages

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