Learning Across the USA







Have fun taking a trip across America with a fun and engaging notebooking activity entitled, Learning Across the USA.  Once completed, your child will have one page for each of the fifty states and even a place at the back for collecting state quarters.

Learning Across the USA

This notebook can be a complete curriculum by teaching from the Key provided or have your older students work independently to research and find the answers to questions like:  origin of state name, state nickname, state rock, state tree, state insect, state bird, state flower, famous people, landmarks, and major industries.

Includes a page for each of the fifty states; state bird and flower cutouts; a blank map for coloring; a map showing state names and capitals; a mileage tape measure for calculating distance traveled; a travel ticket; a Jeopardy Review game; Geography Assessment; and a place for organizing state quarters.  There are suggestions on how to use the workbook in a group setting such as a homeschool co-op.

117 pages

You can order through CurrclickNow is the perfect time to start this curriculum!  If you start now, you will be finished by the end of the school year.  If you do one state per day, you will finish in 50 days.



The graphic at the top is from mycutegraphics.com




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