Women’s Bible Study – Nehemiah

nehemiah blog post




If studying your Bible more was one of your New Year’s resolutions (isn’t it always), I have another great resource for you.  (If you didn’t see yesterday’s post, I wrote about a tool for organizing homeschool attendance.)

Today, I want to let you know about a Women’s Bible Study by Kelly Minter.  She is a Lifeway author like Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer, but I had never done one of Kelly’s Bible Studies before.

The one I am doing is on Nehemiah.  It is SO GOOD!  Kelly’s style of writing is funny and real.  It’s like listening to a good friend speak to you.  Nehemiah is full of good truths.  So, for me, this Bible Study is a win-win!

I LOVE that Lifeway is allowing individuals to purchase the video downloads for just $2.99 per session.  Click this link to go directly to the Lifeway page for Nehemiah.  You will need to buy the member book. If you don’t mind a used copy, Amazon has them for just a few dollars. My mother found a used one for me at a consignment shop and the writing (which was very little) doesn’t bother me.










If having your kids studying their Bible was also one of your New Year’s resolutions (isn’t it always), I have another idea for you!  I LOVE creating Bible Studies for my kids!  To date, I’ve created studies on Rebekah, Ruth, Hannah, and Job.  I am working on one for Nehemiah.  These studies are written for pre-teens.  They are not overwhelming.  One study lasts just one or two weeks max.  Since I know my children aren’t going to be thrilled if a Bible Study requires them to write a bunch, I used more short answer or fill in the blank responses.  Finally, I wanted them to read Scripture for themselves, so this has Bible reading each day, but not an overwhelming amount.  We use these studies as my daughter’s Bible Curricula each day.  She gets a grade when she completes the workbook.  I also give her a grade for the accompanying cereal box keepsake (click any link above to find out more).


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