A to Z Curriculum on Amazon

I just wanted to let you know that my A to Z preschool curriculum is for sale in two version on Amazon.  Our church’s Parent’s Day Out program uses it.  It doesn’t cost a ton to buy the printed version (especially with Prime) and that’s what I recommend.  Otherwise, you’d use a lot of ink and paper since it is a huge book.

I started my teaching career (way back in 1994) as a PreK teacher.  I continued that (and other grades) for some years and then later had children and began homeschooling them.  Throughout the years, I accumulated a file cabinet full of themed ideas.  For example, I have a file for apples, farm, winter animals, etc.  I compiled ALL of those themes and ideas into one book and this is it!  I organized them by month, with one theme a week.  Each week’s lesson plan includes Bible Time, Greeting Circle, Center Time, Circle Time, Story Time, Nap Time, Game Time and Music, and Closing Circle. No additional planning will be necessary to implement the lessons contained in this book.

If you go to the link below, they have a pretty nice preview which will give you an idea of what the book includes.


Hope this helps!


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