Stocking Stuffer Coupon Book for homeschoolers

coupon book large cover








Looking for quick and easy stocking stuffers?  This stocking stuffer coupon book designed specifically for homeschoolers is sure to be a big hit!  Toward the end of the school year, the search for left-over coupons begins as the kids scramble to find those coveted last un-used coupons.

Homeschool stocking stuffer coupons have been a fun tradition every year at our house and I hope that your children will enjoy finding these in their stockings this year as well!

Simply print, cut, and staple to form a coupon book.  Print on photo paper for a special “coupon” look!

I decided to purchase some fun chalkboard graphics to make these coupons extra special!

There are 20 ready-made coupons and 3 customizable coupons (write on the chalkboard paper using chalk or a white crayon).

**2 Versions – Chalkboard and Black and White**

Coupons included:

2 – Get out of one school assignment free coupons

Hot cocoa with extra marshamallows!

Movie rental coupon

Delayed start to school-one hour

Reading day coupon

Sleep in coupon

Your birthday off coupon

You choose dinner – What’ll it be?

Go to the library today coupon

Delayed bedtime coupon

Cook something yummy – You name it!

Bubble bath coupon – Relax – with candles and extra bubbles

Brand new pencil – Your choice:cute or mechanical

Get out of one chore free coupon

100 on spelling test this week!

Out to lunch – let’s go!

No handwriting this week

Science experiment – Let’s have fun!

Computer time – It’s my turn – 1 hour

3 customizable coupons

Merry Christmas!

Kathy Hutto

Click here to order for 50 cents!


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