Bible Character Study on Job (for girls AND boys!)

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At the request of my son, I have written a Bible Character Study for boys (or girls) on Job!  He came to me while I was writing the first character studies (Ruth, Hannah, Rebekah) and asked me to write one for him.  I asked him who he wanted me to write about?  I expected him to say Daniel or David, but he matter of factly said, “Job.”  He said, “I know that will take some time because Job is longer.”  But, I was so excited, I jumped at the chance to create this study for him on Job.

I have to admit, at first I thought I knew the story well and this was going to be pretty basic, but as I read the book of Job, my eyes were opened to new things.  Isn’t it fascinating that the Bible is living and active?(Hebrews 4:12)


Here’s a brand new Bible Character Study on Job.  My son is just about to finish it this week and has been my editor.;)  He’s had a lot of insight and comments throughout, so I think this one will be pretty fun.  There are hidden whirlwinds to find and you even have to flip back and forth a few times to certain pages (i.e. go back to page 5 to find out what Job learned)

Hope your boy (or girl) enjoys this study!  BTW…this one is a little more indepth than the others, which were written for my fifth grade daughter.  This one has a little more reading each day, but not a ton of writing.  It’s still mostly “fill in the blank” or “circle the answer.”

For His glory,


You can order on Teacherspayteachers here.


You can order on Currclick here.


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