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I just finished another Bible Character Study.  This one is on Hannah.  I am working on a study on Daniel for GIRLS and BOYS!  I had some requests for one for boys, so I think the one on Daniel will be a good fit for either!


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Product Description:

During this season of my life, I mostly write out of necessity for my own children.  Recently, I wanted to have my fifth grade daughter do an age-appropriate Bible Study, but just couldn’t find what I was looking for.  I had a few requirements.  I wanted it to have her reading from her own Bible.  I didn’t want it to be overwhelming.  I wanted it to instill some truths into her.  I didn’t want her to dread her Bible Time each day.

So…the Bible Character Study series was born.  Ruth was the first study I created.

This study is on Hannah.  It takes just one week to complete!

Each page includes word checks with definitions to aid in understanding.  There are relevant and thoughtful questions throughout.  The chapters are divided into manageable and content appropriate chunks.

In addition, there is a keepsake box that she will make during the study.  This is my daughter’s favorite part!  All you need is an empty cereal box!  You print and tape the cover, included with this resource, to the box.  There is a list of suggested items that you add to the box each day.  The item relates to what she learned that day.

Take a look…

Suggested items for your character study box:

Day 1 –page from a calendar (every year at a certain time Elkanah and his wives would go to worship and sacrifice)

Day 2 – small plastic baby-ask someone from the bakery department at your local grocery store; they usually put these on baby shower cakes (Hannah had a baby boy.)

Day 2 –small jar of baby food (Hannah kept Samuel with her until he was weaned; meaning he could eat on his own.)

Day 3 –rock (1 Samuel 2:2 refers to God has a rock.)

Day 4 – doll coat or a small piece of cloth (Hannah would make Samuel a robe every year and take it to him.)

Day 5 – small pillow-you could make a tiny pillow if you’d like (God spoke to Samuel at night while he was in bed.)

I’m already busy with my next Bible Character Study because my daughter wants to continue!  I am so grateful that she is getting excited about reading and studying God’s Word.

Hope your daughter enjoys this study too!  There’s so much God can teach us through His Word!



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