Keep Breathing!




anne of greem gables










Life is not like the Anne of Green Gables movies.

Nor is it neatly wrapped with a perfect pink bow.

Life is messy.  It’s hard.  It’s a day at a time and some days it’s just a breath at a time.

Here’s some encouragement in case you need some as badly as I do tonight…

Keep breathing

Stand – even when the wind coming at you feels like it’s going to knock the breath out of you

Hold on – to your faith and what you know to be true

There are others coming behind you.  (And I’m thinking of my own two precious kids as I write this)  They need to find us faithful so they can uncover memories of a Mama who believed that God CAN do the impossible.

I hadn’t heard this song in years, but it came to mind tonight.

Enjoy and keep breathing and believing!  (Steve Green, “Find Us Faithful”)



September 11 Power Point book AND Coloring and Activity book

Sept 11 Powerpoint book cover








September 11, A Day to Remember is a PowerPoint book. You can pull it up for your students or kids to watch and actually turn the pages to read it just as you would a book.

This book has been written very carefully. I refrained from including scary details, but instead focused on the main facts of the day. I wanted to highlight the bravery and heroism of Americans during that event.

This book was written for elementary-aged children. You could read it to older kids as well and use it as a spring board to research more specific events of the day.

Hope this book helps you explain this event in American history with your students.

sept 11 coloring book cover










There is a Coloring and Activity Book that accompanies this product:


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