Back to School Prayer Guide for Parents

back to school prayer guide








As parents, we spend a lot of time preparing to send our kids back to school. We buy new clothes and tennis shoes, backpacks and binders. But, how much time do we spend in prayer over our kids?

I believe it’s so important to pray for our kids every day. Our preacher once said, “If you aren’t praying for your kids, don’t expect anyone else to be.”

Parent’s, it’s up to us!

I’ve created a Back to School Prayer Guide for Parents, which I hope will help you quickly pray for your children every day. Pray for their protection, friends, teachers, salvation, etc. I included verses right on the card, so you could see that these prayers come straight from Scripture. (I used the ESV version.)

I created this resource on a half sheet of paper – back and front. You can easily print, fold, and keep this guide in the front cover of your Bible.

I’ve also included a version which will allow you to easily print multiple copies. Simply print side 1, re-insert and print side 2 on the back. Cut apart and laminate.

As the Preschool Ministry Coordinator for my church, I plan to have a stack of these on our check-in counter for parents to pick up the Sunday before school starts.

For His glory,





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