Beanie Boo bunk bed craft









If you have a daughter, chances are you know what Beanie Boo’s are and probably have more than a few around your house.  McDonald’s has been offering Beanie Boo toys in their Happy Meals right now and we’ve been on the lookout for the elusive purple turtle – the last one my daughter needs to complete her collection!

Since summer days drag on, my daughter has needed something creative to do with her time.  She has been collecting boxes and creating a Beanie Boo house.  It’s been a fun project for her.









She wanted to make bunk beds for one of her rooms, so we searched to web for ideas.

We found a cute bed idea on My Froggie Stuff.  This one is for a 12 inch doll and she used cereal boxes.

My daughter wanted to make bunk beds and we used Hamburger Helper boxes which were the right size for her Beanie Boo’s.

Here’s how we made ours…

We bought colorful duct tape ($2 at Dollar General).  You will also need two boxes (we used Hamburger Helper), 4 pencils, pillow batting, and a small piece of fabric.









Cut a piece of fabric a little larger than one side of the box.  Use the colorful duct tape to secure three sides.









Push some batting up into the top of the open side of the box to make a mattress.  Secure that side with duct tape.

Wrap duct tape around the 4 pencils.









Repeat with the other box.  Tape the pencils on the sides to create a bunk bed.









Have fun!


9 comments on “Beanie Boo bunk bed craft

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  2. So awesome going to make it now. I may be a little late to see this but, that doesn’t matter. So I’m just going to make it for 2 beanie boo’s. I have 22 beanie boo’s hoping to get more soon for 2016. Can’t wait to make the bed for my beanie boo’s so I can have a lot of fun. 🙂


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