Jewlery Bar – You’re Invited



My niece is selling Origami Owl jewelry. She gave me a beautiful necklace for Mother’s Day. It’s basically a circular locket with the charms inside. She put the kid’s birthstones in there and a cross.

I told her I would love to host an online party.

These would be great for graduation presents, bridesmaid’s gifts, milestone birthdays, etc.

You can use the link below or here to see the jewelry. There are lots of charms to choose from.  This company was founded by a young girl who had this idea and made a business of it. It may be a good small business for an older homeschooler?? I know Chelsie would love to have others join her team.

The necklace she gave me was so special, I thought some of you may want to take a look or pass the offer along.

This online jewelry party ends May 30.



Please be sure to use the links in this post or below, so I’ll get credit.  I’m hoping to earn enough for a graduation necklace for another niece who just finished college. Thks:)







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