Memory Verse Bracelets – The Beatitudes

memory verse bracelet cover beatitudes


I LOVE these bracelets! Our church is memorizing the Beatitudes together and I created these to help children learn them. I will be adding lots of other memory verse bracelets in the near future-so keep an eye out!

This set includes 9 memory bracelets!! (Matthew 5:3-11)

There are THREE VERSIONS: Preschool, Children, and Tween

The Preschool version is made a little smaller. The Preschool and Children’s version have cute pictures on either side of the verse to color. The Tween version has no pictures.

The text on all three versions have been created using a dotted font so that children can trace the letters using a pencil. This will help with retention of the verse and reference.

Note:  Let me know if you need a different version (these are ESV).

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