Krabby Patty Paragraph Writing

Krabby Patty paragraph poster jpgWhen it comes to teaching, I try to think outside the box and come up with strategies that will help the material really stick.

I created this simple poster for teaching how to write a paragraph using the popular “hamburger method.”

Download free poster here.

Krabby Patty paragraph poster

Krabby Patty paragraph poster jpg










(Source of Krabby Patty image:

I then printed the following FREE practice worksheet.  There were LOTS to choose from all over the web, but this one was well done with plenty of space to write the sentences and included handwriting lines to keep the sentences neat.

Finally, I created this little poster to remind my daughter what to look for when she was double-checking her paragraph.

COPS double checking poster

COPS double checking poster jpg










(Source of cop and spongebob image:

Happy Writing!




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