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Beth Moore Breaking Free Bible Study-chance to win

breaking free cover








I’ve blogged about the Breaking Free Bible Study by Beth Moore before and now you have a chance to win the entire Bible Study Leaders Kit!

Simply go to the Joy FM, Carmen’s blog and leave a comment.  Winners announced tomorrow!

Memory Verse Bracelets – The Beatitudes

memory verse bracelet cover beatitudes


I LOVE these bracelets! Our church is memorizing the Beatitudes together and I created these to help children learn them. I will be adding lots of other memory verse bracelets in the near future-so keep an eye out!

This set includes 9 memory bracelets!! (Matthew 5:3-11)

There are THREE VERSIONS: Preschool, Children, and Tween

The Preschool version is made a little smaller. The Preschool and Children’s version have cute pictures on either side of the verse to color. The Tween version has no pictures.

The text on all three versions have been created using a dotted font so that children can trace the letters using a pencil. This will help with retention of the verse and reference.

Note:  Let me know if you need a different version (these are ESV).

Don’t forget to also check out my Alphabet Bracelets:


Krabby Patty Paragraph Writing

Krabby Patty paragraph poster jpgWhen it comes to teaching, I try to think outside the box and come up with strategies that will help the material really stick.

I created this simple poster for teaching how to write a paragraph using the popular “hamburger method.”

Download free poster here.

Krabby Patty paragraph poster

Krabby Patty paragraph poster jpg










(Source of Krabby Patty image:

I then printed the following FREE practice worksheet.  There were LOTS to choose from all over the web, but this one was well done with plenty of space to write the sentences and included handwriting lines to keep the sentences neat.

Finally, I created this little poster to remind my daughter what to look for when she was double-checking her paragraph.

COPS double checking poster

COPS double checking poster jpg










(Source of cop and spongebob image:

Happy Writing!



Free Sterling Silver Simulated Diamond Stud Earrings

Valentine’s Day can be especially hard for widows and single moms.  Here’s a neat idea!  How about order a pair of these FREE earrings and gift them!  Or, if you are a widow or single mom, treat yourself!

This offer comes from Saving Dollars and Sense (You do have to pay a small shipping fee.)

Remember, you are a treasure and dearly loved by God!!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

IMG_0550Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hope you are having a fun day filled with lots of love!!

Just a reminder…don’t forget to take some time to love on Jesus too!  He sure showed us a lot of love when He died on the cross for us.

One of the things that I like to do is read Psalm 145 to the Lord.  I keep a copy of it on my refrigerator.  Download a free poster with Psalm 145.

Psalm 145 poster

Our town is blessed with the Explorations in Antiquity Center.  If you aren’t able to go to the Holy Land, it’s a great substitute!  One of the most profound experiences I’ve had is when I went on a tour and dinner there.  Oh my goodness, it was powerful!  Just explore their site and find out allll about it!

But, one of the most powerful experiences I had while there was when the tour guide stood us in front of the cross.

Dr. Jim Flemming, founder of the center, “has worked and lived in Israel since 1973. As an archaeologist he has helped coordinate 12 excavations in Israel.  He has been Lecturer in Archaeology at the School for Overseas Students at the Hebrew University in Jeruslaem, and Professor of Geography and Archaeology at the Tantur Ecumenical Institute for Advanced Theological Studies.” So, needless to say, he has put some major research into constructing this center.

The depiction of the cross here was unlike any of the traditional crosses I’d seen.  The tour guide told us that back then, crucifixions were done on existing trees.  The part of the cross that Jesus would have carried was the cross bar.  And the small wooden bar at the bottom wasn’t a place for Jesus’ feet, but instead it would have been where his bottom would have kind of sat (or propped).  This was so that the death would be prolonged.  Just hanging without this would have meant a much a much quicker death.  He said Jesus arms were actually hanging above him, instead of straight out to the side, like I’ve always thought.

Tears filled my eyes as I listened to the guide.  Imagining Jesus hanging there in that position.  Jesus went through even more pain than I’d even previously known and all because of my sin.  If that doesn’t make you want to avoid sin, I don’t know what else would.  Every time I sin, I think Jesus had to die for that!  I sure want to strive to live a righteous life and bring Him glory.

I blogged earlier this week that I’m reading Shepherding a Child’s Heart. In it, it lists that our parenting goal should be centered around:

“Man’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.”

That should be all our goals!  “Let my life song sing to You!” (song from Casting Crowns)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


Great Reads – free and almost free

It’s a snow day again here in Georgia!  We got more snow on top of the ice that had already blanketed everything.  It’s really beautiful, but will definitely keep us grounded for another day.

It’s the perfect time to put on a pot of coffee (or cocoa) and READ and I have some great suggestions!

First, I recently bought the Kindle version of Shepherding a Child’s Heart.  I’ve been reading it and let me tell you, almost the whole thing is highlighted!  I’ve highlighted in 3 colors…yellow for great information, pink for information that pertains to me right now…and blue for things I need to implement NOW!  I know I’ll have more to blog about from this book soon!

Shepherding a Child’s Heart in it’s Kindle version is only $1.99 through Amazon.  This is MUST READ for any parent or teacher!

Also, right now, you can go to Grace to You (John McArthur’s site) and request some great FREE books!  These are not eBooks.

Lord, Teach Me to Pray (Hardback – $14 value, free to another who has never contacted them before.)

You Can Trust the Bible

Understanding Baptism

Some great go-to blogs to read…

Mentoring Moments

Beth Moore Blog

For the kids…

Adventures in Odyssey and check out their new AIO Club

It’s the perfect time to read a chapter book aloud.  We read The Long Winter about two years ago and enjoyed it a lot.  We even did some fun activities to go along with it.

Here’s our Activity Guide FREE 🙂

The Long Winter Activity Guide


Valentine’s Day Card Holders – Dog and Creeper



Each year, our homeschool co-op has a Valentine’s Skating party where we exchange Valentine’s.  Here are our Valentine’s Day card holders for this year!  I let the kids get creative each year and this year I think they did a great job!  Actually, my son was sick with the stomach bug and my daughter came up with the Creeper idea for him.  We started to work and when he felt better, he joined in by helping glue the paper to the boxes.

I’ll try to give you some directions for how we made both.  I’m sorry, but I didn’t take pictures along the way.  We had a super busy week!

IMG_8606Creeper Box Directions:

You will need –

1 medium box

1 long box

4 Pop Tart Boxes

Hot glue (and plenty of it!)

Regular school glue

Paintbrush or sponge brush

Creeper paper pattern (I just Googled Creeper pattern.)

Here’s what we did –

First, I hot glued all the boxes together.  Next, I printed out creeper patterns.  I blew the one for the face up to 11 by 17 so that it would be as close to one piece as possible.  The others are really just a hodge-podge, but due to the nature of the pattern, you really can’t tell.

Glue the paper patterns to the creeper using regular school glue applied to the box with a paintbrush or sponge brush.  This helps keep down ripples and gives you a smoother look.

Finally, we cut a hole in the front to deposit the cards.

IMG_8603Dog Box Directions:

You will need –

1 medium box

1 Oatmeal container

2 yarn mops (or more, depending on the size of your box)

ribbon (for the bows and tag)

2 large wiggly eyes

red felt (tongue)

black felt (nose)

What we did –

We took the yarn mops apart.  This was easier than we thought (I actually thought I’d just have to cut the strands loose).  You just remove the nail and the wire that is wrapped around the yarns to keep them in place.

I put a long piece of tape on the table (the length of the box).  I placed it sticky side up and secured the ends by taping them to the table.   Then, my daughter folded the mop yarns in half and laid them on the tape.  She continued until she had covered the entire length of the tape.

Next, I ran a long line of hot glue to the box.  We turned the tape upside downs so that the yarn was on the bottom and laid it on the glue.  Then, we peeled off the tape (which was on top).  We continued to do that with the other side and with the back and front.

For the head, we hot glued  yarn in a circular fashion to the top and bottom of the Oatmeal container.   Then, we turned it on it’s side and just hot glued a section of the Oatmeal box at a time and laid the yarn strands on the glue until one side of the Oatmeal box was covered.

We hot glued the head to the body.

For the ears, I just tied 5 yarn strands together in the middle and hot glued the knot to the box.  I did this again for the other ear.

We then added the eyes, nose and tongue.

Finally, we hot glued the tag on, which was simply a piece of ribbon and a small round label (the kind with the silver rim that you might put on keys.)

I think these were a hit at the Skating party!  The kids sure were proud of them!

Here are the boxes we made last year…


Star Wars box from a cereal box


Beauty Salon box




Valentine and President’s Day Resources

Here are a few Currclick Valentine’s Day resources you may be interested in:

Valentine’s Day Party Book

Valentine Match Up

Cookie Jar Counting

Candy Math Mats

Valentine’s Day Coupon Book (print for your children)

Silly Love – Sight Word Reader

Long Division Practice Sheets – Valentine Theme

Here are some other products you may want to check out:

Standardized Testing Tips and Tricks  – also tells how to organize testing for your homeschool group

Learning Across the USA President’s Day Freebie

Learning Across the USA – complete curriculum

Reading is for Everyone – We’re halfway through this school-year and this product is great for remediation if your child needs extra help