Armor of God Resources

armor of God poster

I woke up this morning with the Armor of God on my mind.  I was reminded of how vital it is for my children know it well before they grow up.  We’ve talked about it a lot, but I’m planning to do an in-dept lesson with them.  I found a few resources that I wanted to share with you.

Free Poster (a simple poster I created..the picture I used didn’t have a shield, so maybe your kids could draw one in)

Armor of God poster

Free Coloring Page

Armor of God poster for 30 cents (from Answers in Genesis)

Armor of God Dig Kit for $1.20 (from Answers in Genesis)

(The Answers in Genesis resources will require a $5 shipping fee.)

I L-O-V-E the Lesson on Answers in Genesis’ Kids Page.  There’s an explanation for EACH of the pieces of armor.

All or any of these would make great resources as you sit your children down to teach a lesson about the Armor of God.

I think I will have them do the Dig Kit first.

Then, I will pull out the poster and my Bible and go over the parts of the armor using the Answers in Genesis Kid’s Page lesson.

Finally, I will let them color the picture, if they want to.

I think it’s VITAL that our children have knowledge of the battle raging all around them.  I think most people don’t even realize!  Hope these resources help!:)


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