Teaching Division with Fall Friends

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I love creating “out of the box” ways for teaching tough concepts. Division is one of those concepts that may be challenging for children to learn, especially children who are more “right brain” learners.

This division resource includes directions for using a cute Mrs. Owl who has had a great fall harvest and wants to share her beans with her friends. Students will enjoy helping her divide up the beans among her friends using eye catching Math Mats for all of the division facts from 1 – 9.

This pack includes a practice sheet to go along with each mat.

It also includes a super simple way of teaching how to set up a division problem using the “house.” In this resource, the house actually has a door and the friends stand outside and knock (the number you are dividing by goes outside the house). Mrs. Owl is inside the house. She has all the beans (the total number you are dividing goes inside the house). She sets the beans up on a high shelf while she divides them out (the answer goes on top).

My time is limited these days, so I mostly just try to create things for my own children.  I created this resource for my daughter and she is really enjoying sorting those beans!  Hope your students/children love it too!


You can purchase at Currclick or Teacherspayteachers.



2 comments on “Teaching Division with Fall Friends

    • It’s 26 pages long. You basically get the following pages:
      Directions how to teach using Owl and the animals
      Poster showing how to teach the “house”
      Practice sheet setting up the “house” (kids practice where to put the numbers…in the house, outside the door, on top)
      Multiplication Mat for Division by 1
      Practice Sheet for Division by 1
      Multiplication Mat for Division by 2
      Practice Sheet for Division by 2
      and so forth…all the way to the 9’s

      Hope that helps! This method is really making division “click” with my daughter!

      You may also like to take a look at Math is for Everyone.



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