Preschool Sunday School – The Northern Kingdom was Scattered

Our church uses Lifeway’s Gospel Project curriculum in our Preschool and Children’s Department.  It is awesome!  I’d love to answer any questions you may have if you are considering it.

The lesson this week was about The Northern Kingdom was Destroyed.  (the Israelites were scattered).

Immediately, I’m thinking bubbles.  Bubbles scatter all over the place and this will be a great way to teach this concept to preschoolers.

I usually modify the lesson Lifeway provides somewhat for our very little ones – toddlers and two’s.  I create a one page lesson plan for those rooms.   You can download that here.

Preschool Toddlers through 2’s – The Northern Kingdom was Destroyed

For the craft, we are doing a very simple “Obey God” poster where our toddlers and twos glue Cheerios to the poster.  Our preschoolers will use a pool noodle ring (I will cut into small rounds)  to stamp a large O on the poster.  They will then write -bey.  I will print these on card stock and they can add yarn to make this poster into a sign.  I will let them use round sequins to decorate their signs as well.

Toddler Craft:

obey God poster craft (glue cheerios)

Preschool Craft:

obey God poster (use pool noodle O)

If you are using Lifeway’s Gospel Project and come to a lesson that I haven’t posted toddler versions for, just let me know.  Some weeks are busier than others.

Hope this helps!



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