Operation Christmas Child Lapbook

Each year during the month of November, our family prepares to put together a shoebox gift for Operation Christmas Child.  I thought it would be fun to learn a little bit about the history of OCC and collect some information in a lapbook as we put our shoeboxes together this year.

You could use this lapbook for your class, homeschool, Sunday School class, Girls in Action class, Girl Scouts group, etc.

We “followed our shoebox” and found out that it went to the Dominican Republic.  We decided to research that area and create a project for our homeschool association’s  International Festival.

This resource includes all the information and lapbook components for the following topics:

  • Cover
  • History of Operation Christmas Child
  • What will I put in my box?
  • What countries receive boxes? (includes cards with color flags)
  • I followed my box.  It went to…
  • Writing a letter for my box (includes printable activity sheet and blank stationary)
  • Operation Christmas Child Mission Statement

Please note:  I am not affiliated with Operation Christmas Child.  I just created this lapbook to go along with your shoebox giving.

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FREE What to Do When You’re Done poster

super things picture

Whether you are a school teacher or a homeschooling teacher, you know that it’s tough when some of your kids are finished and others aren’t.  I created a fun list of SUPER THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU’RE DONE for that reason.

Copy and have your children put this sheet into the front of his/her binder.  This list provides worthwhile activities for your students to do with their free time.

You can download this resource FREE my TpT store.

Lapbook Templates for personal or commercial use

lapbook template cover










Create instant lapbooks with these 15 ready-made and EDITABLE templates in Power Point!  Upon purchasing, you have full rights to use these for personal or commercial use.  In fact, that’s why I created them!  I got frustrated having to search for templates I could use to create my own lapbooks to sell, so I just made some!  I hope they help you too!

15Lapbook Templates

Diamond Fold

Blue Jean Pockets

Skinny Books

Simple Pockets

Match Books

Tall Match Books

Four Fold Booklet

Simple Four Fold Book

Conversation Bubbles

Swinging Ovals

Stackable Book


Mini File Folders


Surf Board Book


Acorn Angel Magnet Craft

Acorn Man Magnet








This was a super simple craft that we made and they look really cute on the refrigerator.

Just have your children pick out a pretty fall leaf from among an assortment of artificial ones.  Have them walk outside and select an acornDraw a mouth on the acorn using a red Sharpie.  Add two wiggly eyes.

I wonder if adding a mini pinecone for a “body” would make him look even cuter? Hum…  Maybe we’ll try that next time.

Hot glue the acorn to the top of the leaf and hot glue a magnet on the back.

These little acorn angels will brighten up the ‘frig this season!

Acorn Man Magnets

Preschool Pumpkin Lesson – free












First, let me just say, I’m so sorry that this post is sooo long.  I wanted to post this special holiday excerpt from my A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum free for my readers.

Theme: Pumpkins (could be done the week of Halloween)


  •  Scripture: Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.  Psalm 51:10
  • Tell story of the Christian Pumpkin. Keep it simple: (Use real pumpkin to illustrate if possible) We are like this pumpkin. God picks us up and washes us clean (forgives our sin); He then helps get us get rid of all the bad things we do and replace them with good things (scoop out insides)…He helps us remember to look at good things and use our mouth to speak kind words (carve face); He puts his light inside so that we can shine that light as we tell others about Him (put tea candle inside and light).

Theme Learning

  • Read the book, From Seed to Pumpkin by Wendy Pfeffer (order on Amazon if you cannot find in your local library)
  • Pumpkin uses: pumpkin pie, carving, roasted pumpkin seeds, decorations
  • What’s in a pumpkin?
  • Taste Test – open a can of pumpkin like you would use to make pumpkin pie; give each child a plastic spoon with a little pumpkin on it; describe the smell and taste; graph how many children like versus dislike the taste of pumpkin

Letter Skills

  •  Review Letters covered so far
  • Review all letter boxes A – G (each week, fill empty wet wipes containers with things that begin with the letter of the week…you will have 26 boxes at the end of the year)
  • Sing the Alphabet Song to review all letters
  • Erase the letter – write letters learned so far on the board (A-G); have student come up and erase the letter you say; repeat so that everyone has a turn
  • Pick a Pocket game – purchase one of those hanging shoe organizers with lots of pockets; put a letter in each (cut out from paper or use ABC magnets); children take turns coming up and pulling letter from pocket – he should tell what letter it is and what sound it makes
  • Trace magnetic alphabet letters
  •  Alphabet stamping – purchase a set of ABC stamps and stamp pad and let the children stamp the letters on white paper
  • Play dough with alphabet cookie cutters
  • Sing: What’s the Sound song to review all letters

What’s the Sound – tune B-I-N-G-O
What’s the sound that starts these words
_____ and _____ and ______
/ / is the sound, / / is the sound, / / is the sound
That starts ____, _____, and _____.

  • Review Numbers covered so far
  •   Pumpkin Patch Counting – cut out pumpkin shapes from orange construction paper; call out a number and have volunteer put that many pumpkins in the “pumpkin patch” (middle of Circle); repeat with other numbers
  •   Flashlight Writing – turn off the lights and use a flashlight to “write” a number on the wall or ceiling; children must try to guess what number you wrote
  •   Who Has # __? game – give each child an index card that has a number on it; call out a number and those children who have it should stand; repeat several times and then let the children switch numbers with their neighbor

Shape Practice

  • Shape Sorting: cut out several circles and squares. Place 2 bowls in front of your child. Show him how to put circles in one bowl and squares in the other.
  •  Place several shoeboxes on a table. Fill them with different colored construction paper pumpkins cut into a variety of sizes. Have your child sort the squares according to size.


  • Play with orange play dough – let children mix red with yellow
  • Finger paint with orange paint; cut into pumpkin shape when dry; next…glue on yellow yarn and several pumpkin seeds to show what it looks like inside a pumpkin (see Art)
  • Show an orange – cut open and look inside; it’s orange on the inside and out; stamp with it
  • Play I Spy to review colors
  • Stand up if you Have on ___ color game – call out a color and have all children with that color on stand


  • Halloween Treat Bucket: Ask a local restaurant or school lunchroom to save a large vegetable can for you. Wash the can out and spray paint black. Drill two holes on either side of the can. Let your child decorate with stripes using strips of colorful reflective tape or try glow in the dark paints (found in paint department).  Add red ribbon through the drilled holes to make a handle. Take if you go “trunk or treating” at church.
  • Decorate mini pumpkins – purchase from Farmer’s Market or grocery store; if you are going to visit a pumpkin patch on a fieldtrip, the kids could pick their own at that time
  • Finger paint with orange paint (see Color); cut into pumpkin shape when dry; next…glue on yellow yarn and several pumpkin seeds to show what it looks like inside a pumpkin


  • Colorful Shaker: Fill an empty water bottle with colorful aquarium rocks; replace lid and duct tape closed. The bottle top is perfect for little toddler sized hands to shake!
  • “Alphabats” song – review the letter sounds by singing this song like the old Batman theme song – For example, for letter B sing, “B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B….B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B….Batman!” For letter C, it would be Catman….D would be Datman, etc.

Game Time

  • Pumpkin Patch Picking: cut pumpkin shapes from construction paper. Hide around the house and let child find and put into store bought pumpkin trick or treat bucket.
  • Drop the Rock: provide large coffee can and have child stand beside can and try to drop the rock into the bucket. He/she will enjoy hearing the loud sound it makes.
  • Ring the Bucket: purchase pumpkin Halloween buckets (like children go trick-ortreating with) and ping pong balls; have children take turns trying to toss the ping pong balls into the buckets; count how many go in

Snack Idea

  • Pumpkin Tortilla – cut Jack-O-Lantern face into one flour tortilla for each child; place another tortilla (not cut) on paper plate; let child top with grated cheddar cheese; place tortilla with face out on top; put in microwave for about 8 seconds to melt cheese.
  • Orange Pumpkin Shaped Jell-O Jigglers

Fieldtrip Ideas

  • Visit a pumpkin patch
  • Carve pumpkin together – give everyone a chance to scoop out the insides; discuss what the class wants the face to look like; count the seeds
  • Have a Fall Festival – set up games such as Pick Up Ducks and Bean Bag Toss and allow children to win prizes

Christian Treat Alternatives

  • Candy Corn Christian-fill snack size sandwich bag with candy corn and attach tag that says: Candy is good and sweet, But knowing Jesus is a real treat! John 3:16
  • Bear Fruit Jelly Beans-fill baggie with fruit flavored jelly beans and attach tag that says, “Bear much fruit.” John 15:8 This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.
  • Lifesavers-attach note that says, “Let Jesus be your Life Saver!” John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.
  • Milky Way Creation Candy-tape snack size Milky Way candy bars to index card that says, “God created the Milky Way!” Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
  • Sin Eraser-purchase mini eraser and tape to index card printed with, “God can erase your sin!” Romans 3:23-24 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.
  • Hershey’s Kisses-fill baggie with kisses and attach note that reads, “God Loves You!” John 3:16
  • Chocolate Coin Giving-“Give Your All!” Luke 21: 3 So He said, “Truly I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all.”

Teaching Division with Fall Friends

division cover








I love creating “out of the box” ways for teaching tough concepts. Division is one of those concepts that may be challenging for children to learn, especially children who are more “right brain” learners.

This division resource includes directions for using a cute Mrs. Owl who has had a great fall harvest and wants to share her beans with her friends. Students will enjoy helping her divide up the beans among her friends using eye catching Math Mats for all of the division facts from 1 – 9.

This pack includes a practice sheet to go along with each mat.

It also includes a super simple way of teaching how to set up a division problem using the “house.” In this resource, the house actually has a door and the friends stand outside and knock (the number you are dividing by goes outside the house). Mrs. Owl is inside the house. She has all the beans (the total number you are dividing goes inside the house). She sets the beans up on a high shelf while she divides them out (the answer goes on top).

My time is limited these days, so I mostly just try to create things for my own children.  I created this resource for my daughter and she is really enjoying sorting those beans!  Hope your students/children love it too!


You can purchase at Currclick or Teacherspayteachers.


FREE Fall Friends Journal Prompts book











Fall Friends Journal Prompts

I just finished a Fall Friends Journal Prompts book and thought I’d share it with my readers.  If you happened upon this page, please click to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out on any future freebies.

This resource includes 12 super cute nocturnal animals to color and creative journal prompts to go along with them.  It also includes a version with blank space so your little artist can draw his/her own picture.

You could have your child do one every Friday throughout fall…or you could do two per week for six weeks…or you could just do them all at once and have a great keepsake highlighting your child’s writing.  I kind of like the idea of just doing one every Friday, that way I can see my daughter’s progression over time as she learns new skills in her Language Arts Curriculum.

However you decide to use these, I hope they add some fun to your fall!


Fall Friends Journal Prompts


Preschool Sunday School – The Northern Kingdom was Scattered

Our church uses Lifeway’s Gospel Project curriculum in our Preschool and Children’s Department.  It is awesome!  I’d love to answer any questions you may have if you are considering it.

The lesson this week was about The Northern Kingdom was Destroyed.  (the Israelites were scattered).

Immediately, I’m thinking bubbles.  Bubbles scatter all over the place and this will be a great way to teach this concept to preschoolers.

I usually modify the lesson Lifeway provides somewhat for our very little ones – toddlers and two’s.  I create a one page lesson plan for those rooms.   You can download that here.

Preschool Toddlers through 2’s – The Northern Kingdom was Destroyed

For the craft, we are doing a very simple “Obey God” poster where our toddlers and twos glue Cheerios to the poster.  Our preschoolers will use a pool noodle ring (I will cut into small rounds)  to stamp a large O on the poster.  They will then write -bey.  I will print these on card stock and they can add yarn to make this poster into a sign.  I will let them use round sequins to decorate their signs as well.

Toddler Craft:

obey God poster craft (glue cheerios)

Preschool Craft:

obey God poster (use pool noodle O)

If you are using Lifeway’s Gospel Project and come to a lesson that I haven’t posted toddler versions for, just let me know.  Some weeks are busier than others.

Hope this helps!


Alphabet Phonics Bracelets

alphabet bracelet cover















These alphabet phonics bracelets are a FUN way to practice all the upper and lower case alphabet letters and the phonics sounds they make. Students can trace the letters and color the picture to reinforce beginning sounds. Then they can WEAR the bracelets as a visual reminder that will help them remember what they learned!  Throughout the day, ask, “What letter are you wearing? What sound does it make?”

This product is classroom ready with 4 of the same letter bracelets per page. I also included a homeschool ready version with 4 individual letter bracelets per page.

This would be a perfect addition to my A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum.

Reading Pointers – now’s the time

monster finger








Now is the perfect time to add some reading pointers to your collection.  With Halloween approaching, there are sure to be some fun “monster fingers” or other similar type costume items that will help breathe new life into your reluctant readers.  It’s amazing how a little piece of plastic can motivate a child to want to try to read!

If you have reading pointer ideas, please feel free to share them!

Don’t forget to check out Reading is for Everyone if you have a struggling reader.