Scripture Journals for kids

My Scripture Journal cover










I created this resource for my fourth grade daughter.  I wanted her to have a Bible Time each day.  She had been reading a devotional book each morning, but I wanted her to understand that nothing should take the place of actually reading God’s Word for yourself. God Word is alive and He often uses it to speak to us personally.

There are two journals included…one for girls with very colorful flower graphics and one for boys with various ball images.

Psalm 119:9, “How can a young man keep his way pure? By keeping it according to Your word.” (NASB)  I want my children to know the Word and be very familiar with their Bibles.

These Scripture Journals have 100 carefully selected scriptures for your child to look up in his/her own Bible using the version you select.  Have your children look up one verse every day for 100 days. Not only will they become familiar with their Bibles but copying the verses will help with retention. You could also use this as a meaningful daily handwriting exercise.

Directions:  Print out a journal for your son/daughter. Have an office supply store spiral bind for you or simply put into a notebook.  Your child should look the verse up in his/her own Bible each day and copy the verse into the journal.

You can click here to order through Teacher’s Notebook or here to order through Currclick.  🙂



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