Sunday School Lesson – Israel Demanded a King

Our church uses Lifeway’s Gospel Project curriculum in our Preschool and Children’s Department.  It is awesome!  I’d love to answer any questions you may have if you are considering it.

I usually modify it somewhat for our very little ones – toddlers and two’s.  I create a one page lesson plan for those rooms.   You can download that here.

Preschool Toddlers through 2’s – Israel Demanded a King

For the craft, our toddlers will be adding stickers to a small crown template copied onto cardstock. Our two’s will be making paper crowns to wear.  Both toddlers and two’s will play the game, Find the Donkey.  The teacher will hide a donkey copied on cardstock somewhere in the room.  The kids will try to find it. Repeat.  ( The donkey image link is below.)

I got the small crown image from

I got the larger crown image from First Palette.

I got the donkey image from Best Clip Art Blog.

Our 3’s and 4’s just do the GP curriculum as is.  There are lots of great activities, games, printables in the curriculum for these age groups.

Hope this helps!



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